Amazing Yuzu fruits in Australia

In Australia, we would compare a Yuzu fruit to a mix between orange and a lemon. With eighteen per cent of the fruit being juice and 4.5% citric acid (three times more than lemon), Yuzus rind is more commonly used in cooking. With just a tiny amount of rind and juice, the refreshing bittersweetness and acidity are vital in Japanese dishes.

The Yuzu fruit originated over 1,000 years ago and grew in places like Korea, China and Japan. The peel, juice and seeds serve as flavourings for various things like sauces, seasonings and vinegar. Interestingly enough, Yuzu fruit that is converted into oil is used in perfume, cosmetics and aromatherapy.

Although Yuzu fruit takes a whole decade for a seed to become a ripe fruit finally, the final result and benefits are immense. This highly nutritious fruit contains small amounts of iron, zinc, magnesium, calcium, niacin and vitamin E. Providing several advantages such as promoting heart health and reducing inflammation.

Where to find Yuzu fruit in Australia

Yuzu fruits are quickly becoming a sensation in Australia, with farms beginning to grow this wonder fruit and spread the knowledge of its spectacular benefits. This is important as Yuzu fruit is initially labelled as an ugly fruit when you first look at its appearance and, people generally steer away from trying it. 

There are many growers across Australia, including Mount Yuzu, located in the Australian Alps in Victoria. This 20-acre property is a pristine environment for growing the fruit due to its rich soils, cold, wet winters and hot, dry summers. With a quick google search, you can purchase a range of Yuzu fruit products on the Mount Yuzu website

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Alternatively, you may be lucky enough to find Yuzu fruits from a fruit market with various Asian fruits. If you dare to experiment and live in an area with a suitable climate, you can get your hands on a yuzu fruit tree.

How to use Yuzu fruits? 

The yuzu fruit is not meant to be eaten as is because it’s incredibly sour. By adding zesty citrus to your dishes, it can turn an ordinary dish into something remarkable. Below are some cooking methods. 

Yuzu Kosho 

Made with zest, salt, and green Thai chilli peppers, Yuzu kosho is a pasty condiment often paired with sushi or sashimi. 

Yuzu Ponzo Sauce

Blended yuzu and kosho create the classic Japanese citrus dipping sauce called Yuzu Ponzo and often used as a sauce with salad, dumplings, meat, fish and, ramen. 

Yuzu Juice

Yuzu Juice is very concentrated as it’s just all of the juice from the fruit, similar to lemon juice. It is said the flavour tastes identical to a combination of grapefruit and lime. 

With a quick google search, you can find copious amounts of different Yuzu fruit products, including Yuzu paste and syrup. As you begin experimenting with diverse foods such as Yuzu fruits, you will notice how one minor ingredient can completely alter your dishes to chef-style cooking.

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