The coffee grinder designed by former Apple engineer

Japan is simply brimming with creatives developing new products. What happens when this is applied to the art of coffee-making? A futuristic coffee grinder envied by baristas around the world. The coffee grinder was designed by former Apple product designer, Douglas Weber, while living in Itoshima in Fukuoka Japan – a city of rising attraction for product design and innovation, and was born from a desire to build a machine meticulously crafted to provide timeless value.

Weber’s machine uses high precision parts usually not found in coffee grinders. One of the key features is that it leaves no residual ground coffee, as each time coffee beans are ground, they leave a residual in the machine which over time impacts the freshly ground coffee’s flavour. The machine prides itself with “virtually zero grind retention”, and allows baristas to thoroughly clean the machine in around 30 seconds (including opening the grind chamber, cleaning and resealing). Because of this, you will enjoy a great cup of coffee every single time.

The high performing, aesthetically beautiful machines have  gained a credible reputation worldwide, and 4,000 units were sold in 2016. The hand-driven model goes at 100,000 yen while the electric model will cost  350,000 yen  

More information about the machines can be found at “Weber Workshops“, or to see it in action, visit “LUCENT COFFEE” in Tokyo.  It is located near Asakusa and Kappabashi Street which is filled with kitchen utensils and offers a day of retail bliss if ever in Tokyo.

Fun fact -, Shinsaku “Samurai Shin” Fukayama, a Japanese former barista at Melbourne’s famous St Ali cafe, used the Weber Workshops “Bean Cellar” for his training course the other day!

Shop info

Kotobuki 1−17−12, Taito City, Tokyo, Japan
Opening hours
7:30AM - 6:30PM (Closed Tuesday)
Shop URL
Shop tel
+81 344 00 1995 (Japanese only)


Ayaka Hayashida, Victoria Fang, Daisuke Kondo
Videographer / Photographer
Daisuke Kondo