Next Level Sushi – Inarizushi

The average Australian is an avid sushi fan, there are dedicated sushi restaurants and sushi trains absolutely everywhere. So much so, we all have very specific go-to orders.

Today I invite you to challenge those orders with Inarizushi, an incredibly hearty take on the classic roll perfect for the colder months.

Inarizushi is rice balls wrapped in ‘Aburaage’ deep-fried tofu pouches, instead of the traditional seaweed or sashimi. These  Inarizushi balls were traditionally offered to the Shinto god Inari,  hence the name Inari Sushi.  

Depending on the region in Japan the balls are either shaped like little balls or triangles and can be enjoyed at any Japanese restaurant. Sophisticated yet simple they are the perfect hearty addition to any meal, best enjoyed with a glass of dry sake or an  Asahi.

The best Inarizushi I have enjoyed in Australia is at Ganbare Kaz Kaiten Sushi on Chapel St in Melbourne and Yebisu in Sydney’s  Chinatown, the perfect dish to start or end a night out.