Be brave with Unagi-Don

Australians are anything but shy when it comes to experiences that allow us to step out of our comfort zones. I mean we live in a country where the majority of our fauna and flora can kill us. This bravery translates into our food tastes and with that perhaps one of the most adventurous dishes in the Japanese Cuisine, Unagi Don. 

Eel fillet glazed in a sweet-salty sauce caramelized to perfection, so popular it is often difficult to find eel that doesn’t already hero the tare sauce.  

The best part being once you overcome the fear of eel being the main ingredient, the dish is incredibly satisfying and quick to make, an absolute must for the Australian on the go.  

What exactly is the sauce you may be wondering?
It’s a soy-based Japanese tare, made up of soy sauce, sake, and sugar. You can purchase it already made or try your hand at following one of the many online recipes for a more authentic experience.  

Traditionally Unagi is consumed on a mid-summers day (the 28th of July in Japan) to combat the heat and give you strength to endure the rest of the summer.  

So as summer fast approaches here in Australia why not experiment with Unagi- Don, a cold  Kirin, or Asahi Dry and see why the Japanese call this dish one of their staples.